Windermere Natural Soaps

184 Allebach Lane
Spring Mills, PA 16875

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Windermere Natural Soaps makes a wide variety of luxury bath soaps, wake-up bars, therapeutic soaps, facial bars, kitchen soaps, relaxing soaps, outdoor insect repellant, hunting and pet soap, along with lotions and lip balms.

Windermere Natural Soaps is located in the beautiful rolling mountains of central Pennsylvania on the Allebach family farm, owned by Abe and Mary Allebach. Originally a dairy farm, it is now home to Windermere Farms prize winning Percheron horses. Mary has grown her soap business to include a wide variety of soaps, lotions, and lip balms – more than 45 varieties from which to choose from. Mary grows and dries her own herbs along with picking some of the specialty wild plants on the farm to be used in Windermere Natural Soaps. Mary also creates and sells reusable shopping bags, among other items. When visiting Happy Valley, Mary would be thrilled to have you stop in and visit the store. Place your order by phone (814 422-8393) or email ( and drop in to pick it up to save on shipping. Visit to learn more and to order.


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