Goats are at the heart of a visit to Nittany Meadow Farm

Goats are at the heart of a visit to Nittany Meadow Farm

By Angelina Wheeler

Historic Nittany Meadow Farm, owned by Michael and Tara Immel, is located in the fields of Boalsburg, PA just minutes away from Penn State University off Route 322. The family-run farm raises a herd of dairy goats, sells pasture-raised beef, pork and lamb, hosts events and offers farm stays.

Nittany Meadow Farm also raises adorable mini-Nubians, Nigerian Dwarfs and Boer goats. In fact, goats are a huge focal point for the farm since visitors love snuggling up to these social animals. The farm offers a variety of goat engagement activities for visitors for the upcoming spring season.

The farm’s goats will be available for “Goat Grams” during Valentine’s Day. Sending baby goats to visit a loved one is both a unique and adorable gift. This can be booked through the farm website, www.nittanymeadowfarm.com. Goat grams are available for booking in State College, Penn State campus, Boalsburg, Park Forest, Toftrees and Gray's Woods.

March and April
Throughout March and April, goat yoga returns! Goat yoga is a huge hit for groups to bond with each other around activity and animals, a time to enjoy relaxing yoga while goats spend quality time with you! Registration is available on Nittany Meadow Farm’s website. Guests do not have to participate in yoga if they do not feel up to doing so. They can simply sit on the mat and enjoy the presence of the goats. In warm weather, goat yoga takes place outside on the grass; or inside the historic barn if weather does not permit.

In April, goat kids will be born, and goat bottle feeding returns! Goat visits are also available by scheduled appointments.

Mother’s Day weekend includes “Mommy and Me” goat yoga. Farm stays are available in the two cottages throughout the springtime – and all year round – as well.

Throughout the year, the farm also offers its “Goats2Go” bus, which visits parties, festivals, on-campus events, workplace wellness events – or any reason to enjoy a few goat snuggles.

Spring is looking exciting at Nittany Meadow Farm; now is a great time to plan a visit.

Visits and farm stays can be booked through the website, www.nitttanymeadowfarm.com, where you will find more information about farm products and events.

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Posted by Christie on 02/09/2023