Grant Final Project Report

Happy Valley Agventures grant recipients must complete the following final report describing the accomplishments of the project as outlined in the Happy Valley Agventures grant contract signed between the grantee, the HVAB and CBICC. The report is due no later than May 31, 2023, and must provide a narrative that will enhance the understanding    of the success of the project.

The final project report must be signed by the Happy Valley Agventures grant recipient's owner/proprietor.

I. Final Project Report

Describe how the project has specifically made your business visitor friendly, and improved the visitor/customer experience.

Identify the measure(s) and/or metric(s) that will be utilized to track progress, such as targets or milestones, of increased visitation and expenditures due to the completion of the project/event.

Describe in quantifiable terms how the project has achieved these goals, objectives or outcomes.

Detail how relevant the completed project is to the community, the tourism partnerships, and how the completed project is being promoted to the community, and by the community. Include a specific success story about the project from an individual or community partner.

II. Final Project supporting documents

The following should be submitted with your final report in a zip file (preferred). Scan the necessary documents into a folder and add to your zip file. All folders and files should include the grant name and grant application number. If necessary, final reports may be mailed to the grant coordinator.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Successful projects will clearly demonstrate visitor impact. Ideal projects will show longevity of impact through repeat visitors/customers and visitors/customers from beyond Centre County.

Cost Effective Budget Management

All expenditures are logical and adhere to Happy Valley Agventures grant guidelines. Copies of all receipts have been provided and correlate with the success of the project.

  1. Includes evidence of additional financial sources, if applicable. (Match is not required for this grant.)
  2. Auditable financial accounting for all expenditures from grant funds
  3. Itemized list of expenses with copies of receipts

III. Certification of Grantee

It is hereby certified that all activities undertaken by the Happy Valley Agventures grant recipient with funds provided under contract accordance with said contract; and that have been carried out in:

  1. Statements and information contained in this final project report are true and correct.
  2. There are no unpaid costs, liens, or third-party claims remaining against the Happy Valley Agventures grant project.
  3. It is hereby acknowledged that any remaining unexpended balance of Happy Valley Agventures grant funds for the project under this contract have been retained or recovered by the HVAB and CBICC; and
  4. All records related to grant activities are available on request and will be kept by the Happy Valley Agventures grant recipient for three years after the date of the submission of the final project report.

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