Grant Application

This is the person who will be responsible for the funding and all associated reporting.

Please list your business/organization’s website, if applicable.

Description of resource improvement project and itemized breakdown of associated costs.

How will this resource improvement project make your business visitor-ready, improve visitor/customer experience, enhance, or increase tourism to Centre County?

How will your business/organization measure the effectiveness of your resource improvement to capture new customers and visitation from beyond Centre County?

How will your business/organization document increased customer visitation and spending, as they relate to your resource improvement project—not general numbers?

Projected increase in visitation/customer spending, or your goals for increased visitation.

I/We affirm that all information in this application and all attachments are true and correct to the best of my/our ability, and that the receipt of any grant funds relative to this request will be used for the purposes detailed within this application. I/We guarantee that I/we will abide by the Happy Valley Agventures grant guidelines and all local, state, and federal regulations as they apply.